Anne Valérie Dupond

(b. 1976, France)

Anne-Valérie Dupond, born in 1976, studied at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, and obtained her Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 2000.

Since 2001 to 2015, Dupond has worked with the Parisian Gallery Edgar, and Dufay-Bonnet Gallery. Then with Gallery DeRoom702 in Japan or Decorazon gallery in USA. Not only has Dupond’s work been exported around the world, but she has collaborated on numerous high profile projects, including fashion houses such as Kenzo, Undercover, Le Printemps, Comme des Garçons, Y’s, Medicom Toy, Seventh Heaven.. which is quite evident in her body of work, “Travaux de Couture”.

“My work is making sculptures with fabrics. I’m working simply with recovered fabrics, needle and thread. I try to create a world crafted from sensitivity, ranging from the bestial (hunting trophies and animals of all kinds) to human representations such as busts of historic figures, pin-ups, and baroque sculpture. Whatever the representation, I like to approach the female/male duality with humour, playfully caricaturizing the stereotypes.”

(née en 1976, France)

Anne-Valérie Dupond, née en 1976, a étudié à l’université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg et a obtenu sa maîtrise en arts plastiques en 2000.

De 2001 à 2015, Anne-Valérie Dupond a travaillé avec la galerie parisienne Edgar et la galerie Dufay-Bonnet. Puis avec la galerie DeRoom702 au Japon ou la galerie Decorazon aux États-Unis. Non seulement le travail d’Anne-Valérie Dupond a été exporté dans le monde entier, mais elle a également collaboré à de nombreux projets de haut niveau, notamment pour des maisons de couture telles que Kenzo, Undercover, Le Printemps, Comme des Garçons, Y’s, Medicom Toy, Seventh Heaven… ce qui est tout à fait évident dans son corpus d’œuvres, « Travaux de Couture ».

« Mon travail consiste à réaliser des sculptures avec des tissus. Je travaille simplement avec des tissus récupérés, du fil et des aiguilles. J’essaie de créer un univers fait de sensibilité, allant du bestiaire (trophées de chasse et animaux de toutes sortes) aux représentations humaines telles que les bustes de personnages historiques, les pin-ups, sculpture baroque. Quelle que soit la représentation, j’aime aborder la dualité féminin/masculin avec humour, en caricaturant de manière ludique les stéréotypes ».

« As a child, artist Anne-Valerie Dupond collected stuffed animals; they reassured her. That child remains in her present work, seen in soft textures, contrasting patterns, and exaggerated features.

For 20 years, Dupond has worked with recovered fabrics. Armed with a needle and thread, she crafts a sensitive world full of ferocious beasts, fantastical animals, and human forms.
Dupond’s work has been exhibited around the world in cities including, Paris, Tokyo, Dublin, New York, Shanghai, and Osaka. She has also collaborated with large brands such as Kayo Nakamura for Y’s, KENZO, Medicom Toy, and Southfiness Ltd and Undercover.

Oftentimes taking inspiration from traditional artforms, such as classical and baroque sculpture, busts of historical figures, and hunting trophies, the works begin a game of contradictions between cuteness and darkness; the feminine and the masculine; solemn sculpture and embroidery; noble and humble materials. Bronze and marble are replaced by recycled fabrics. Neutral colours are replaced by clashing fabrics. Whatever the representation, Dupond approaches the duality of opposites with humour; solemn sculpture is transformed into a playful experience.
Recently, she has been working with flowers, exploiting their ornamental qualities while juxtaposing their ephemerality. Made of recycled fabrics, they remain eternal ».

Yves Lee